Your next edumate event

An edumate event is online and blind. We give you between 5 and 15 potential edumates. You arrange your 10 minute meetings with them all. You tell us who you want to see again. You make a new friend.

How does it work?

24-48 hours before each edumate event, you will receive a message with between 5 and 15 codes with accompanying phone numbers. These are new potential friends! You then need to use whatsapp to contact each person and arrange a suitable time for your 10 minute video call. *MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE YOUR WHATSAPP PROFILE PICTURE/NAME BEFORE YOU DO THIS*. All meetings must take place between 12 midday and 12 midnight on “edumate day”, last for no more than 10 minutes and be done via a whatsapp video call. The prescribed invitation text message you need to send to each prospective edumate will be provided in the message we send to you with your code!

Once you have arranged the times for your meetings, there are some rules that apply - these rules are important to a) protect your privacy and b) make sure the format works):

No contact from confirming the time of your meeting and 10 minutes before the meeting on the day – if anyone breaks this rule, please block the number!

During the meeting:

Do not give out your name – address each other by your code “eg. Hello H23”

Get to know the person and that’s it! I will send you a list of possible questions to ask!

Time limit – maximum 10 minutes! One or both of you need to time the meeting during the video call and be quite strict about it. At the end of the ten minutes, hang up, even if you don’t want to!

Very important - No contact after your meeting at all - again, if anyone breaks this rule, please block and report to edumate with a screenshot! They will be removed from our database for future events.


After the meeting:

Once you have completed all your meetings, you will need to contact edumate the “codes” that you would be interested in chatting more to and building a friendship with. They should be sent in the following format “code, code, code etc”. We will then check those letters at 12 midnight on edumate day to see if they have mutually selected you! – and send you back a message with any matches with their phone number and code!

Feel free to block/remove any numbers you don’t match with once I’ve sent you the summary.

Exciting huh!?

On edumate day, we will run the hashtag #edumate so you can update the world (if you want) on how well (or badly) it’s all going!

When you sign up to edumate, you agree to our terms and conditions here. Please read carefully.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your phone number will be shared with prospective matches. Only your phone number will be shared, no other identifying information.

  • If a successful match is made on the day, your twitter handle or email will then be mutually shared, but your actual name is never shared.

  • Edumate reserves the right to remove you from edumate at any point. If you break the edumate contact rules, you could be removed from all future events. Users should report any breaches of rules.

  • When you sign up, I may ask for further verification before entry *IF* you don't sign up with a twitter account or it's a twitter account a) created since 1st April 2020 b) does not have a photo bio c) “teacher” is not in bio (twitter) d) following/follower/friends count is under 50 e) is a locked account (twitter) f) an application from “off twitter”. Further verification may mean a request for your DFE number and/or a photo of your school ID and/or a “selfie” with date/time written on your hand.

  • Any contact made between, during or after your meeting is not my/edumates responsibility. The edumate rules are there to protect you and others so do follow them! Use the block function on your phone whenever you wish and do report to me any specific problems you have (and screenshot me any edumate rule violations). Any data you send to us via social media you do at your own discretion - twitter, facebook and other social media sites have their own encryption policies and safeguards. We take all enhanced precautions to protect all our social media accounts and will publish protective steps we take regularly.

  • I may contact you at any time through social media or by text to provide you edumate information or alert you to future edumate events. You can opt out of this at any time. Your phone number and other information will never be shared with third parties and will be stored securely "offline". You can contact me to remove your data from file at any point. 

  • GDPR Policy: We will process all personal data fairly and lawfully / We will only process personal data for specified and lawful purposes / We will endeavour to hold relevant and accurate personal data, and where practical, we will keep it up to date / we will not keep personal data for longer than is necessary and will delete any personal data on request, including any information sent via social media channels / We will keep all personal data secure / we are and will continue to look at ways of improving our systems and procedures to better comply with GDPR best practice. Encryption: We understand that encryption can be an appropriate technical measure to ensure that we process personal data securely / Sharing the contents of a direct message on twitter without permission could break twitter privacy policy here. The only online store of information is through social media which is covered by the encryption policies of twitter, facebook, whatsapp and others.​


Feel to free to write us some words of advice, ask us a question, or send us your best wishes!




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